Daphne, the Double-Treadle CPW

January 21, 2012

This is a brief video of Daphne, my double-treadle Canadian Production Wheel. This was shot a couple of weeks ago when it was 65 degrees and sunny. What a difference from today’s snow and slush!



Pennsylvania Half-Sized Wool Wheel

January 17, 2012

For the first post of the New Year, we have one of the first new wheels of the New Year. This was a complete surprise. I had gone to Pennsylvania to pick up a Canadian Production Wheel, and the antique store had this lovely tucked away in a corner.

This great wheel has a lot to recommend it, but most of all its size.

Here she is next to the Vezina CPW I was picking up. Her drive wheel is 31 and 1/2 inches in diameter, similar to some other CPWs I’ve had. The Vezina has a 27″ wheel.

This little great wheel was missing a few bits, her maidens and spindle, but I believe I can find replacements among my box of spare parts. She really has some lovely turnings, which is unusual in a great wheel, and I love her tensioning device with the diamond-shaped nut!

She has shapely legs:

A very curvacious upright post with an extra wide drive wheel:

Not sure if this is the maker’s mark or if she is marked with her former owner’s initials:

She is a sturdy wheel with some minimal insect damage to the under-the-table end of her upright post. Pennington & Taylor lists two similar wheels as a child’s wool wheel and both examples come from the same region in Pennsylvania as where this was found. Additionally, some full size wheels from the region┬áhave similar turnings and bandings so I’m guessing she did not stray far from her place of origin.