Spare Parts!

March 29, 2012


I couldn’t be happier. I found someone local who can lathe me some missing spinning wheel parts. I took him a boxful to copy and looky what I got in return!

Lots of good stuff in here, like the replacement maiden for the DesJardins wheel that has been on my workbench this past year:

A handful of extra axle retaining pins:

The dark one just above the original is black walnut.

There is a CPW decorative tensioning knob to replace one that suffered from “dog chew” and a replacement back support:

And, best of all, spokes. CPW spokes. Lots and lots of 3-bead CPW spokes:

Seems like 9 out of 10 of these rascally CPWs I rescue have either a cracked or missing spoke.

Everything came workshop fresh with their little lathe mounts intact, ready to be clipped and fitted. The strangest things make a girl happy!

If you, too, are looking for replacement parts, check out New Jersey-based wood turner, Lee Alexander, who can be contact through his Web site: Dreamweaver Designs.





“Every Revolution of the Wheel” Returns!

March 14, 2012

Our regular readers may recall that last summer, my husband and I put together a travelling exhibit of our antique spinning wheel collection and took it to the Holmes-Hendrickson House in Holmdel, NJ. This year, we are thrilled that the New Jersey State History Fair, “The Spirit of the Jerseys,” has invited us to bring the exhibit to that event.

On Saturday, May 12, from 11 AM through 5 PM, “Every Revolution of the Wheel” will be on display at the New Jersey State History Fair in Washington’s Crossing Park, Titusville, NJ. This is an interactive exhibit which allows visitors to spin on wheels suited to their level of experience, in addition to viewing the older antique wheels from around the world.

We are hoping for good weather and lots of interested (and interesting!) visitors to chat with. Will you be one of them?

Oh, That Mitzi!

March 14, 2012

Having been a long-time fan of Rappard’s Little Peggy spinning wheel, when the chance to acquire a Rappard Mitzi came along, I jumped at it. She arrived safely via FedEx and was assembled on my front steps, much to the amusement of the neighbors who are now used to the parade of spinning wheels in and out.

Mitzi is a reproduction Norwegian straight bench wheel:

Her flyer is identical to the Little Peggy, and her maidens are the same as the Little Peggy’s front maiden:

Here she is, reunited with a long-lost little sister, Little Peggy:

And, can Mitzi spin!

She has the same nicely-balanced wheels as the Little Peggy; not quite as heavy, but a lovely smooth motion. I was able to draw out very fine singles. This is some generic wool roving purchased at Woolbearers in Mount Holly, NJ. It proved to be very nice fiber and resulted in two bobbins full, which were then plied on the Little Peggy.

The resulting skeins were refreshingly colorful on a warm sunny spring morning.

And, I had an audience in this nice sunny weather with the windows open for the first time: