February 28, 2016

In the never-ending quest of warm winter woolies, I was looking for a hooded scarf. Most are simply a long rectangle folded and a back seam sewn in near the fold. This doesn’t give a great fit. I hunted through the Ravelry pattern library and turned up this scarf, Loxley, by designer Stephen West.

hood 02

Named for the hero of Sherwood Forest, Sir Robin of Loxley, also called Robin Hood.

The piece is knitted in sections starting with the piece that goes over the head. Short-row shaping makes the back of the head wider and forms a bit of a brim to shelter the face.

hood 03

The second section is the back cap, and this was the feature I liked — it makes some room for the back of your head.

hood 01.jpg

The long tails are next and they are about 32″ long, so you get a good wrap.

hood 04

The scarf is knitted in garter stitch with an i-cord edging. The garter stitch is plush and squishy, the i-cord edge is neat and finished. The long tails keep your neck wrapped warm.

hood 06

The perfect garment to stay warm while sneaking behind the Sheriff of Nottingham’s back.

hood 05